Tokyo Shokudo Menu Prices & Locations Singapore

Tokyo Shokudo Menu Prices & Locations Singapore June 2024

Go on a gourmet journey at Tokyo Shokudo! Tokyo Shokudo Menu, renowned for its Japanese delicacies, offers a symphony of flavors. Savor the distinctive flavors of Chicken ChaShu, Beef Shabu, Scallop, and Duck spicy ramen, or delve into the varied offerings of donburi, gyoza, tempura, and sushi. Every dish is a masterwork that combines creativity and tradition, guaranteeing a genuine Japanese dining experience. Explore the cuisine at Tokyo Shokudo and let your taste buds rejoice!

Tokyo Shokudo Menu With Prices 2024

Tokyo Shokudo menu can be categorized as Original Ramen, Spicy Ramen, Tom Yam Ramen, Black Mayu Ramen, Tendon, Gyudon (New!), Side Dish, and Drinks. Let’s see them in detail one by one.

Favourites Items of Tokyo Shokudo Menu

Indulge in Tokyo Shokudo’s tantalizing ramen selection! Savor the mouthwatering Chicken Chashu Ramen with 2 succulent pieces for just S$13.50. Heat things up with the Chicken Chashu Spicy Ramen at S$15.50, or relish the richness of Beef Suki Ramen for S$18.00. For a delightful twist, try the Duck Spicy Ramen priced at S$17.00. Tokyo Shokudo promises a symphony of flavors in every bowl, satisfying your ramen cravings.


Chicken Chashu Ramen (2pcs)

2 pcsS$13.50Chicken Chashu Ramen (2pcs)

Chicken Chashu Spicy Ramen

Chicken Chashu Spicy RamenS$15.50Chicken Chashu Spicy Ramen

Beef Suki Ramen

Beef Suki RamenS$18.00Beef Suki Ramen

Duck Spicy Ramen

Duck Spicy RamenS$17.00Duck Spicy Ramen

Original Ramen

Indulge in Tokyo Shokudo’s culinary mastery with their Chicken Chashu Ramen, a delightful blend of tender chicken chashu and perfectly cooked ramen noodles, priced at S$13.50 for the 2pcs option. For those seeking a richer flavor, the Scallop Ramen at S$18.00 promises a seafood symphony with plump scallops. The Seafood Ramen (S$19.50) is a gastronomic journey featuring an array of ocean delights.


Chicken Chashu Ramen (2pcs)

2 pcsS$13.50Chicken Chashu Ramen (2pcs)

Chicken Chashu Ramen (4pcs)

4 pcsS$15.50Chicken Chashu Ramen (4pcs)

Beef Suki Ramen

Beef Suki RamenS$18.00Beef Suki Ramen

Scallop Ramen

Scallop RamenS$18.00Scallop Ramen

Duck Ramen (3pc meat)

3 pcsS$14.50Duck Ramen (3pc meat)

Duck Ramen (5pc meat)

5 pcsS$17.00Duck Ramen (5pc meat)

Seafood Ramen

Seafood RamenS$19.50Seafood Ramen

Asari Ramen

Asari RamenS$18.00Asari Ramen

Corn Chicken Chashu Ramen

Corn Chicken Chashu RamenS$14.50Corn Chicken Chashu Ramen

Corn Duck Ramen

Corn Duck RamenS$14.50Corn Duck Ramen

Chicken Drumstick Ramen

Chicken Drumstick RamenS$20.50Chicken Drumstick Ramen

Spicy Ramen

Spice up your meal with Tokyo Shokudo’s Spicy Ramen offerings. The Chicken Chashu Spicy Ramen (S$15.50) delivers a perfect balance of heat and savory goodness. Explore the depths of flavor with the Beef Suki Spicy Ramen (S$18.00) or opt for the Seafood Spicy Ramen (S$19.50) for a fiery seafood feast.


Chicken Chashu Spicy Ramen

Chicken Chashu Spicy RamenS$15.50Chicken Chashu Spicy Ramen

Beef Suki Spicy Ramen

Beef Suki Spicy RamenS$18.00Beef Suki Spicy Ramen

Seafood Spicy Ramen

Seafood Spicy RamenS$19.50Seafood Spicy Ramen

Scallop Spicy Ramen

Scallop Spicy RamenS$18.00Scallop Spicy Ramen

Asari Spicy Ramen

Asari Spicy RamenS$18.00Asari Spicy Ramen

Duck Spicy Ramen

Duck Spicy RamenS$17.00Duck Spicy Ramen

Chicken Drumstick Spicy Ramen

Chicken Drumstick Spicy RamenS$20.50Chicken Drumstick Spicy Ramen

Tom Yam Ramen

For a zesty twist, try the Chicken Chashu Tomyam Ramen (S$14.50), a tantalizing blend of Japanese and Thai flavors. The Scallop Tomyam Ramen (S$19.50) offers a seafood-infused tom yum experience that’s both bold and comforting. Tokyo Shokudo’s ramen creations redefine the art of noodle soups.


Chicken Chashu Tomyam Ramen

Chicken Chashu Tomyam RamenS$14.50Chicken Chashu Tomyam Ramen

Seafood Tomyam Ramen

Seafood Tomyam RamenS$23.00Seafood Tomyam Ramen

Scallop Tomyam Ramen

Scallop Tomyam RamenS$19.50Scallop Tomyam Ramen

Asari Tomyam Ramen

Asari Tomyam RamenS$19.50Asari Tomyam Ramen

Black Mayu Ramen

Elevate your ramen experience with the Black Mayu Ramen series. The Spicy Chicken Cha Shu Black Mayu Ramen (S$15.50) boasts a perfect harmony of spiciness and umami. Seafood enthusiasts can savor the richness of the Seafood Black Mayu Ramen (S$20.50). Each bowl is a masterpiece, showcasing Tokyo Shokudo’s commitment to culinary excellence.


Chicken Cha Shu(2pc) Black Mayu Ramen

Chicken Cha Shu(2pc) Black Mayu RamenS$14.50Chicken Cha Shu(2pc) Black Mayu Ramen

Seafood Black Mayu Ramen

Seafood Black Mayu RamenS$20.50Seafood Black Mayu Ramen

Chicken Cha Shu(4pcs) Black Mayu Ramen

Chicken Cha Shu(4pcs) Black Mayu RamenS$17.00Chicken Cha Shu(4pcs) Black Mayu Ramen

Spicy Chicken Cha Shu Black Mayu Ramen

Spicy Chicken Cha Shu Black Mayu RamenS$15.50Spicy Chicken Cha Shu Black Mayu Ramen


Tokyo Shokudo’s Tendon selection is a celebration of tempura perfection. The Signature Tendon (S$18.00) offers a delightful medley of prawns, fish, egg, nori, and assorted vegetables atop a bed of rice. For a seafood-focused option, the Ebi Tendon (S$20.50) features succulent prawns that are a crispy delight.


Signature Tendon

Prawn, Fish, Egg, Nori, Assorted Vegetables and RiceS$18.00Signature Tendon

Ebi Tendon

Prawns and RiceS$20.50Ebi Tendon

Ebi Tempura & Beef Shabu Don

Prawns, Beef Slices and RiceS$18.00Ebi Tempura & Beef Shabu Don

Ebi Tempura & Tartar Fried Chicken Don

Prawns, Fried Chicken with Tartar and RiceS$18.00Ebi Tempura & Tartar Fried Chicken Don

Mixed Tempura Rice Set

Prawn, White Fish, Nori and Assorted VegetablesS$19.50Mixed Tempura Rice Set

Ebi Tempura Rice Set

Ebi Tempura Rice SetS$23.00Ebi Tempura Rice Set

Gyudon (New!)

Indulge in the comforting flavors of Tokyo Shokudo’s Gyudon series. The Gyu Don (S$17.00) presents tender slices of beef over a bed of steamed rice, creating a hearty and satisfying dish. For an extra layer of richness, the Gyu Egg Don (S$18.00) combines succulent beef with a luscious egg topping.


Gyu Don

Gyu DonS$17.00Gyu Don

Gyu Egg Don

Gyu Egg DonS$18.00Gyu Egg Don

Side Dish

Explore a variety of delectable side dishes at Tokyo Shokudo. The Chicken Gyoza (S$8.50) offers a burst of flavors in every bite, while the Fried Chicken Salad (S$12.00) is a refreshing and crunchy ensemble. For a seafood delight, the Takoyaki (S$8.50) presents octopus-filled savory balls.


Chicken Gyoza

Chicken GyozaS$8.50Chicken Gyoza

Chicken Gyoza with Okonomiyaki Sauce

Chicken Gyoza with Okonomiyaki SauceS$9.50Chicken Gyoza with Okonomiyaki Sauce

Fried Chicken

Fried ChickenS$8.50Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken Salad

Fried Chicken SaladS$12.00Fried Chicken Salad

Mixed Tempura

Mixed TempuraS$17.00Mixed Tempura



Chuka Wakame

Chuka WakameS$7.50Chuka Wakame

Baby Octopus

Baby OctopusS$9.50Baby Octopus




Quench your thirst with Tokyo Shokudo’s extensive drink selection. From the classic Coca-Cola (S$5.00) to the refreshing Lychee Lemon Mint Tea (S$9.50), there’s a beverage for every palate. The Homemade Panna Cotta (S$8.50) provides a sweet conclusion to your meal. Tokyo Shokudo’s drink offerings complete the dining experience with a diverse array of flavors.






Ice Lemon Tea

Ice Lemon TeaS$5.00Ice Lemon Tea

Houji Tea (Hot)

Houji Tea (Hot)S$3.50Houji Tea (Hot)

Houji Tea (Cold)

Houji Tea (Cold)S$3.50Houji Tea (Cold)

Lychee Lemon Tea

Lychee Lemon TeaS$8.50Lychee Lemon Tea

Lychee Lemon Mint Tea

Lychee Lemon Mint TeaS$9.50Lychee Lemon Mint Tea

Ice Milo

Ice MiloS$5.00Ice Milo

Milo Dinosaur

Milo DinosaurS$6.00Milo Dinosaur

Homemade Panna Cotta

Homemade Panna CottaS$8.50

Mineral Water

Mineral WaterS$2.50Mineral Water



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Is Tokyo Shokudo Singapore Halal?
Yes, Tokyo Shokudo Singapore is Halal certified.

All the menu images and prices are taken from the official sources of Tokyo Shokudo Singapore.

Tokyo Shokudo Near Singapore Location & Opening Hours

Tokyo Shokudo near Sengkang, Singapore

Tokyo Shokudo near Bukit Batok, Singapore

Tokyo Shokudo near West Region, Singapore

Tokyo Shokudo near Tampines, Singapore

Tokyo Shokudo Opening & Closing Hours

DaysOpening & Closing Time
Wednesday11:30 AM–9:30 PM
Thursday11:30 AM–9:30 PM
Friday11:30 AM–9:30 PM
Saturday11:30 AM–9:30 PM
Sunday11:30 AM–9:30 PM
Monday11:30 AM–9:30 PM
Tuesday11:30 AM–9:30 PM


What defines Tokyo Shokudo?

Tokyo Shokudo stands as a Japanese eatery situated in Singapore, specializing in the art of traditional Japanese culinary creations.

Which dishes enjoy popularity at Tokyo Shokudo?

Tokyo Shokudo garners acclaim for its genuine Japanese fare, featuring beloved dishes such as ramen, sushi, sashimi, and udon noodles among its culinary highlights.

Does Tokyo Shokudo cater to vegetarian or halal preferences?

Absolutely, Tokyo Shokudo caters to both vegetarian and halal dietary needs. Noteworthy vegetarian selections encompass vegetable tempura and tofu dishes, while halal offerings feature delectable choices like chicken teriyaki and salmon teriyaki.

Can reservations be made at Tokyo Shokudo?

Certainly, Tokyo Shokudo extends the convenience of reservations. Whether via a phone call or through their website, patrons can secure their dining experience with a reservation.

Are there any ongoing promotions or discounts at Tokyo Shokudo?

Tokyo Shokudo periodically presents enticing promotions and discounts, accessible through their social media channels or email newsletters. Additionally, patrons may discover potential savings through partnerships with certain credit card companies, which offer exclusive discounts or cashback options when used at Tokyo Shokudo.

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