Yakiniku Shokudo Menu Prices & locations Singapore

Yakiniku Shokudo Menu Prices & locations Singapore June 2024

Visit Yakiniku Shokudo, a Singaporean BBQ haven with a Japanese flair, and start a delicious adventure. Taste premium cuts that offer a variety of delectable selections, such as Wagyu Beef Rump, Ribeye, and Sirloin. The restaurant, which is well-known for its sizzling grills, provides a gourmet experience with its premium meats. Visit their official website to explore the Yakiniku Shokudo Menu in detail. As a Muslim-friendly outlet, Yakiniku Shokudo welcomes patrons to savor Wagyu Beef and Chicken dishes from set and à la carte menus. Experience the ultimate Japanese BBQ with Yakiniku Shokudo.

Yakiniku Shokudo Menu With Prices 2024

Yakiniku Shokudo menu can be categorized as Bentos, Noodles, Rice Don, Curry Rice and Drinks. Let’s see them in detail one by one.

Favourites Items of Yakiniku Shokudo Menu

Taste the variety, which includes the hearty Tom Yam soup, the spicy Miso Chicken Don, and the tasty Yakiniku & Chicken Bento, all for S$18.00 each. Yakiniku Shokudo is the place to feast!

ItemsPrices DetailsImages

Tom Yam Beef Noodle Soup

Ala carteS$ 18Tom Yam Beef Noodle Soup

Spicy Miso Chicken Don

Ala carteS$ 18Spicy Miso Chicken Don

Yakiniku & Chicken Bento

Ala carteS$ 18Yakiniku & Chicken Bento


Embark on a culinary journey with our Bentos, a symphony of flavors in a box. Relish the Teriyaki Chicken Bento, an exquisite blend of sweet and savory priced at S$12.99. Immerse yourself in the convenience and delectable diversity of our Bentos, making every meal a delightful adventure.

ItemsPrices DetailsImages

Yakiniku Bento

Ala carteS$ 19.50Yakiniku Bento

Salted Chicken Bento

Ala carteS$ 18Salted Chicken Bento

Yakiniku & Chicken Bento

Ala carteS$ 18Yakiniku & Chicken Bento


Satisfy your noodle cravings with our Noodles menu, a celebration of texture and taste. Dive into the rich flavors of our Spicy Beef Ramen, a bowl of comfort priced at $10.99. Whether you prefer slurping or savoring, our Noodles collection promises a delightful experience for every palate.

ItemsPrices DetailsImages

Beef Noodle Soup

Ala carteS$ 15.50Beef Noodle Soup

Tom Yam Beef Noodle Soup

Ala carteS$ 18Tom Yam Beef Noodle Soup

Rice Don

Indulge in the simplicity and bold flavors of our Rice Don series. Try our Teriyaki Salmon Rice Don, a harmony of succulent salmon and savory teriyaki sauce, priced at $14.99. Elevate your dining experience with this bowl of perfection, where each grain of rice tells a tale of culinary excellence.

ItemsPrices DetailsImages

Beef Pulgogi Don

Ala carteS$ 17Beef Pulgogi Don

Spicy Miso Chicken Don

Ala carteS$ 18Spicy Miso Chicken Don

Curry Rice

Experience the warmth and spice of our Curry Rice selection, a comforting embrace for your taste buds. Delight in the Chicken Katsu Curry Rice, a hearty combination priced at $13.99. Let the aromatic curry and crispy chicken transport you to a world of culinary satisfaction, making every bite a moment of pure bliss.

ItemsPrices DetailsImages

Hokkaido Beef Curry Rice

Ala carteS$ 17Hokkaido Beef Curry Rice

Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice

Ala carteS$ 20.50Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice


Quench your thirst with our refreshing Drinks menu, a perfect accompaniment to your culinary adventure. From the zingy Lemon Mint Cooler at $4.99 to the classic Iced Tea at $2.99, our beverage selection complements your meal, ensuring a well-rounded and satisfying dining experience.

ItemsPrices DetailsImages

Mineral Water

DrinksS$ 2.50Mineral Water

Lemon Tea

DrinksS$ 5

Coca Cola

320mlS$ 5Coca Cola


DrinksS$ 5Sprite

Cold Houji Tea

DrinksS$ 3.50

Orange Juice

DrinksS$ 5

Tropical Punch

DrinksS$ 5

Apple Juice

DrinksS$ 5


DrinksS$ 3.50

Is Yakiniku Shokudo Singapore Halal?
Yes, Yakiniku Shokudo Singapore is Halal certified.

All the menu images and prices are taken from the official sources of Yakiniku Shokudo Menu Singapore.

Yakiniku Shokudo Near Singapore Location & Opening Hours

Yakiniku Shokudo near East Region, Singapore

Yakiniku Shokudo near Bukit Batok, Singapore

Yakiniku Shokudo near West Region, Singapore

Yakiniku Shokudo near Tampines, Singapore

Yakiniku Shokudo Opening & Closing Hours

DaysOpening & Closing Time
Wednesday11:30 AM–9:15 PM
Thursday11:30 AM–9:15 PM
Friday11:30 AM–9:15 PM
Saturday11:30 AM–9:15 PM
Sunday11:30 AM–9:15 PM
Monday11:30 AM–9:15 PM
Tuesday11:30 AM–9:15 PM

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What is the price of Wagyu Beef at Yakiniku Shokudo in Singapore?

The menu at Yakiniku Shokudo features a variety of Wagyu Beef options with prices that can be found on their official website’s menu page.

How much does the Yakiniku Chicken Set cost at Yakiniku Shokudo?

For specific pricing on the Yakiniku Chicken Set, refer to the detailed menu available on Yakiniku Shokudo’s official website.

Do menu prices at Yakiniku Shokudo vary between different locations in Singapore?

While menu items may be consistent, prices may vary slightly between Yakiniku Shokudo locations. For accurate pricing, it’s recommended to check the specific menu of the desired location.

What is the price range for seafood options on the Yakiniku Shokudo menu in Singapore?

Details on the price range for seafood options at Yakiniku Shokudo can be found on their official menu page.

Can I view the Yakiniku Shokudo menu prices on their social media pages?

While Yakiniku Shokudo may share highlights of their menu on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, detailed menu prices are best accessed on their official website.

What are the options for à la carte menu items at Yakiniku Shokudo?

Yakiniku Shokudo provides both sets and à la carte menu options. For specific details on à la carte items and their prices, refer to the official menu on the restaurant’s website.

How often does Yakiniku Shokudo update its menu and prices in Singapore?

Updates to the menu and prices are at the discretion of the restaurant. For the latest information, customers are encouraged to visit the official website or contact Yakiniku Shokudo directly.

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