Delifrance Menu Prices & Locations Singapore

Delifrance Menu Prices & Locations Singapore July 2024

Delifrance in Singapore offers a culinary journey through France with a variety of savory treats like butter croissants and old favorites. Delifrance menu includes Aglio Olio, Basil Pesto, and Iced Long Black. Visit their official website for a delicious culinary adventure through French culture.

Delifrance Menu With Prices 2024

Delifrance menu can be categorized as Promotion Bundle Deal, Sandwich, Pasta, Mains, Appetisers, Bakery, Feuillete, Viennoiseries, Tarts, Cakes & Pastries, Tea Cake, Cold Beverage, Hot Beverage, and Bottled / Canned. Let’s see them in detail one by one.

Favourites Items of Delifrance Menu

Experience the tastes that Delifrance loves! For S$9.30, enjoy the delicious tuna of the Tuna D’Licious on your bread of choice, or for S$8.60, indulge in the Egg D’Vine on your bread of choice. Try the Peach Crown Danish, which costs S$6.50 per piece, for a sweet treat. The filling Deli Potato (S$7.70) is a baked potato topped with egg, chicken, tuna, or seafood. Don’t miss it. Want something salty to eat? At S$9.30, the Chicken D’Light sandwich is waiting for you. Savor the deliciousness of Delifrance!


Tuna D’Licious

Tuna goodness on your choice of bread.S$9.30Tuna D'Licious

Egg D’Vine

Egg delight on your choice of bread.S$8.60Egg D'Vine

Peach Crown Danish

Per piece.S$6.50Peach Crown Danish

Deli Potato

Baked Potato with fluffy inner, crispy outer, topped with Egg, Chicken, Tuna, or Seafood.S$7.70Deli Potato

Chicken D’Light

Light and savory chicken sandwich.S$9.30Chicken D'Light


Indulge in a symphony of flavors with our Egg D’Vine, a delightful combination of egg goodness on your choice of bread, priced at S$8.60. For a taste of the sea, try our Seafood D’Sire sandwich, a seafood-infused delight on your preferred bread, available at S$9.80. Elevate your lunch with Tuna D’Licious, a tuna-filled sensation on your chosen bread, priced at S$9.30.


Egg D’Vine

Egg delight on your choice of bread.S$8.60Egg D'Vine

Tuna D’Licious

Tuna goodness on your choice of bread.S$9.30Tuna D'Licious

Chicken D’Light

Light and savory chicken sandwich.S$9.30Chicken D'Light

Seafood D’Sire

Seafood-infused delight on your choice of bread.S$9.80Seafood D'Sire


Savor the essence of Italy with our Pomodoro pasta, a classic dish with your choice of topping for S$12.30. Immerse your taste buds in the richness of Basil Pesto pasta, complemented by your preferred topping, available for S$14.20. Delight in Aglio Olio, a pasta masterpiece with the topping of your choice, priced at S$9.80.


Aglio Olio

Pasta with your choice of topping.S$9.80

Basil Pesto

Pasta with basil pesto and your choice of topping.S$14.20Basil Pesto


Classic pasta with Pomodoro sauce and your choice of topping.S$12.30Pomodoro

Cream Sauce

Pasta in creamy sauce with your choice of topping.S$12.30Cream Sauce


Experience a culinary journey with our Chicken Lasagne, a baked delight with minced chicken, special tomato sauce, and cheese topping, priced at S$17.50. Choose sophistication with Salmon & Spinach Lasagne, blending the freshness of salmon and spinach, also priced at S$17.50. For a hearty option, relish the Beef Lasagne, available at S$17.50.


Chicken Lasagne

Baked & minced chicken with special tomato sauce, topped with cheese.S$17.50Chicken Lasagne

Beef Lasagne

Choice of Chicken, Beef, Salmon, and Vegetable.S$17.50Beef Lasagne

Salmon & Spinach Lasagne

Choice of Chicken, Beef, Salmon, and Vegetable.S$17.50Salmon & Spinach Lasagne


Begin your feast with our Cheesy Chicken Sausage Bites, a recommended treat at S$9.90. Immerse yourself in the creamy Mushroom Soup, a delightful ala carte option for S$6.60. Explore the depth of flavors in our Romaine Salad With Truffle Ponzu Dressing, an ala carte option priced at S$8.25.


Mushroom Soup

Creamy mushroom soup.S$6.60Mushroom Soup

Deli Potato

Baked Potato with fluffy inner, crispy outer, topped with Egg, Chicken, Tuna, or Seafood.S$7.70Deli Potato

Potato Gratin

Creamy and cheesy potato gratin.S$9.35Potato Gratin

Cheesy Chicken Sausage Bites

Recommended cheesy chicken sausage bites.S$9.90Cheesy Chicken Sausage Bites

Romaine Salad With Truffle Ponzu Dressing

Romaine salad with truffle ponzu dressing.S$8.25

Romaine Salad With Apple Fig Dressing

Romaine salad with apple fig dressing.S$8.25

Truffle Cheese Sticks

Truffle-flavored cheese sticks.S$9.90Truffle Cheese Sticks


Satisfy your cravings with our Sultana Roll, a pack of 6 for S$6.50. Experience the perfect balance of crispiness and chewiness with our Baguette, priced at S$4.20. Treat yourself to the richness of our Butter Broiche Bread Loaf, available for S$10.80. For a taste of France, relish the Pain De Campagne, a French Country Bread, priced at S$9.80.



Crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside.S$4.20Baguette

Sultana Roll

A pack of 6 sultana rolls.S$6.50Sultana Roll

Mini French Palmier

Per serving.S$5.30

Butter Broiche Bread Loaf

Per serving.S$10.80

Pain De Campagne

French County Bread.S$9.80

Spinach & Onion Quiche

Per serving.S$6.50


Indulge in the delicate layers of our Chicken Feuillete, priced at SS$4.20 per piece. For a twist of flavors, try our Curry Chicken Feuillete, also available at SS$4.20 per piece. Sweeten your palate with the Kaya Turnover, a delectable pastry at SS$3.90 per piece.


Chicken Feuillete

Per piece.S$4.20Chicken Feuillete

Curry Chicken Feuillete

Per piece.S$4.20Curry Chicken Feuillete

Kaya Turnover

Per piece.S$3.90Kaya Turnover


Experience the sweet and savory fusion of our Chicken Ham And Cheese Croissant, a delightful pastry priced at S$7.00 per piece. Revel in the classic taste of our Heritage Chocolate Croissant, available for S$4.20 each. For a fruity indulgence, try our Peach Crown Danish, priced at S$6.50 per piece.


Peach Crown Danish

Per piece.S$6.50Peach Crown Danish

Chicken Ham And Cheese Croissant

Per piece.S$7.00Chicken Ham And Cheese Croissant

Almond Croissant

Per piece.S$6.00Almond Croissant

Heritage Butter Croissant

Per piece.S$4.20Heritage Butter Croissant

Heritage Chocolate Croissant

Per piece.S$4.20Heritage Chocolate Croissant

Blueberry Cream Cheese Croissant

Per piece.S$8.20Blueberry Cream Cheese Croissant


Delight in the refreshing Lychee Tart, a perfect treat at S$4.95 per piece. For chocolate lovers, our Dark Chocolate Tart offers a rich experience at S$7.00 per piece. Indulge in the classic goodness of our Almond Tart, available for S$4.95. For a citrusy twist, savor the Lemon Meringue Tart, priced at S$7.00.


Lychee Tart

Per piece.S$4.95

Dark Chocolate Tart

Per piece.S$7.00Dark Chocolate Tart

Almond Tart

Per piece.S$4.95

Lemon Meringue Tart

Per piece.S$7.00Lemon Meringue Tart

Cakes & Pastries

Experience the divine taste of our Chocolate Eclair, a chocolate-covered choux pastry filled with creamy vanilla pastry cream, priced at S$2.70. For a fruity delight, our Blueberry Crumble Muffin is a must-try at S$4.90 per portion. Enjoy the richness of our American Cheesecake, available for S$8.20 per piece.


Chocolate Eclair

Chocolate-covered choux pastry with vanilla cream.S$2.70Chocolate Eclair

Banana Walnut Muffin

Per portion.S$4.90

Double Chocolate Muffin

Per portion.S$4.90Double Chocolate Muffin

Blueberry Crumble Muffin

Per portion.S$4.90

Assorted Macarons (6PCS)

A mix of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, salted butter caramel, mango passion, Iranian pistachio.S$17.50Assorted Macarons (6PCS)

Strawberry Eclair

Per piece.S$2.70

Vanilla Eclair

Per piece.S$2.70Vanilla Eclair

American Cheesecake

Per piece.8.2

Tea Cake

Satisfy your sweet cravings with our Pandan Madeleines, a pack of 8 for S$8.80.


Pandan Madeleines

A pack of 8 pandan madeleines.8.8Pandan Madeleines

Cold Beverage

Cool down with our refreshing Lychee Butterfly Pea, a vibrant iced beverage priced at S$7.00. Experience the unique Rose Calamansi Fizz, a delightful iced option at S$7.00. For a sparkling treat, try the Cranberry Grapefruit Sparkler, available at S$7.00.


Iced Long Black

Iced long black coffee.S$6.00Iced Long Black

Iced Cafe Latte

Iced cafe latte.S$7.00Iced Cafe Latte

Iced Vanilla Latte

Iced vanilla latte.S$7.50

Iced Caramel Macchiato

Iced caramel macchiato.S$7.50

Iced Manuka Honey Macchiato

Iced manuka honey macchiato.S$8.00

Iced Cafe Mocha

Iced cafe mocha.S$7.50Iced Cafe Mocha

Iced Simply Chocolate

Iced simply chocolate.S$7.00Iced Simply Chocolate

Iced Lemon Tea

Iced lemon tea.S$6.00Iced Lemon Tea

Iced Manuka Honey Lemon

Iced manuka honey lemon.S$6.00

Lychee Butterfly Pea

Iced lychee butterfly pea.S$7.00

Rose Calamansi Fizz

Iced rose calamansi fizz.S$7.00Rose Calamansi Fizz

Cranberry Grapefruit Sparkler

Iced cranberry grapefruit sparkler.S$7.00

Hot Beverage

Warm up your day with our comforting Long Black, a hot beverage priced at S$5.50. Indulge in the aromatic Vanilla Latte, available hot for S$7.00. Explore the richness of our Hot Simply Chocolate, a delightful hot beverage priced at S$6.50.


Long Black

Hot long black coffee.S$5.50Long Black


Hot cappuccino.S$6.50Cappuccino

Café Latte

Hot cafe latte.S$6.50Café Latte

Café Mocha

Hot cafe mocha.S$7.00Café Mocha

Espresso Double

Hot double espresso shot.S$4.90Espresso Double

Vanilla Latte

Hot vanilla latte.S$7.00

Caramel Macchiato

Hot caramel macchiato.S$7.00

Manuka Honey Macchiato

Hot manuka honey macchiato.S$7.50

Manuka Honey Lemon

Hot manuka honey lemon tea.S$5.50

English Breakfast Tea

Hot English breakfast tea.S$4.90English Breakfast Tea

Earl Grey Tea

Hot Earl Grey tea.S$4.90Earl Grey Tea

Chamomile Tea

Hot chamomile tea.S$4.90Chamomile Tea

Peppermint Tea

Hot peppermint tea.S$4.90Peppermint Tea

Jasmine Tea

Hot jasmine tea.S$4.90

Hot Lemon Tea

Hot lemon tea.S$5.50

Hot Simply Chocolate

Hot simply chocolate.S$6.50

Bottled / Canned

Quench your thirst with our Perrier, a 330 ml bottled refreshment priced at S$4.90. Experience the purity of Evian in a 500 ml bottle, available for S$3.80. For a classic choice, enjoy our Canned Coke at S$3.00. Dive into freshness with our Orange Juice, a per-serving delight at S$5.50. Stay revitalized with our Triple Berry Vitamin Drink, a 500ml bottle priced at S$4.40.



330 ml Perrier water.S$4.90Perrier


500 ml Evian water.S$3.80Evian


Canned Coca-Cola.S$3.00Coke

Orange Juice

Per serving of orange juice.S$5.50Orange Juice

Oxygenated Water

Bottled oxygenated water.S$2.80Oxygenated Water

Triple Berry Vitamin Drink

500ml triple berry vitamin drink.S$4.40

Fruit Punch Vitamin Drink

500ml fruit punch vitamin drink.S$4.40

Coke Zero

Canned Coke Zero.S$3.00


Canned Sprite.S$3.00

Apple Juice (350ML)

350ml apple juice.S$5.50

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Is Delifrance Singapore Halal?
Yes, Delifrance Singapore is Halal certified.

All the menu images and prices are taken from the official sources of Delifrance Singapore.

Delifrance Near Singapore Location & Opening Hours

Delifrance near East Region, Singapore

Delifrance near Bukit Batok, Singapore

Delifrance near West Region, Singapore

Delifrance near Tampines, Singapore

Delifrance Opening & Closing Hours

DaysOpening & Closing Time
Wednesday8 AM–8 PM
Thursday8 AM–8 PM
Friday9 AM–9 PM
Saturday9 AM–9 PM
Sunday8 AM–8 PM
Monday8 AM–8 PM
Tuesday8 AM–8 PM


How much is Delifrance croissant?

The specific price of a croissant at Delifrance may vary based on factors such as location and promotions. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to check the official Delifrance menu or contact the nearest Delifrance outlet directly.

Who owns Delifrance Singapore?

Delifrance Singapore is owned by Mondelēz International. Mondelēz International is a multinational food conglomerate that owns various brands, including Delifrance. The company is involved in the production and distribution of snacks, confectionery, and other food products.

What is the most popular item on the Delifrance menu?

The popularity of items can vary, but Delifrance is renowned for its delicious croissants, sandwiches, and pastry offerings.

How can I find the nearest Delifrance outlet to my location?

You can use the Delifrance official website or contact their customer service for information on nearby outlets.

What are the current promotions or discounts available at Delifrance?

The promotions and discounts offered by Delifrance may vary by location and time. Check their official website or inquire at the outlet for the latest deals.

Can I order Delifrance products online for delivery?

Some Delifrance outlets may offer online ordering and delivery services. Visit their official website or check with the local outlet for availability.

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